Vinayak Lohani

Vinayak Lohani is the Founder and Head of Parivaar (www.parivaar.org), a prominent grassroots organization based in West Bengal, working primarily for overall development, care, and education of children from impoverished and vulnerable backgrounds.

Nimesh Sumati

Nimesh Sumati is a Mumbai based philanthropist and convener of Caring Friends (www.caringfriends.in), a forum for donors, volunteers, and NGOs.

Pranjal Dubey

Pranjal is the founder of Sant Singaji Institute of Science and Management (www.ssism.org), a college for empowering rural youth through education. Pranjal moved away from a lucrative and secure career in Information technology space and devoted himself to a life of service.


Swami Sarvapriyananda

Monk at the Ramakrishna Order and eminent speaker on Vedantic philosophy and ideas of Swami Vivekananda.

Shri Ramesh Kacholia

Eminent Philanthropist and Convener of Caring Friends Network.

Prof Trilochan Sastry

Professor at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore and co-founder, Association for Democratic Reforms.